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Professional background

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About our firm NOVOTA – ART.

A wealth of forms, quality handling of various materials and values which endure over time are characteristic for the monuments environment in Slovakia. The protection and restoration of cultural heritage goes hand in hand with the daily battle and race with time. Our company NOVOTA ART shares significantly in the salvaging, restoration and protection of monuments. We have many years of experience in all of these activities. This family firm was founded in November 1989. It focuses on restoration, reconstruction and creation in the field of architectural monuments and shares in the renewed revival of the exteriors and interiors of cultural heritage. This in reality means that the work team of the company specialises in the handling of various materials, that it focuses on application of historically verified technologies and continually expands its horizon in the direction of new materials and work processes. This enables NOVOTA- ART to carry out work not only in the monuments environment but also spanning history and the present. Our work is characterised by it high level of exactingness. It covers a broad area. It has shared significantly in the restoration of the original appearance of historical architectural objects, including protected monuments from the 20th century. It applies artistic-crafts approaches in high quality and it convincingly restores the face of an architectural object even in terms of its colouring. Intimate knowledge of the original details and creative elements of the original and the use of knowledge from the history of art and architecture enable restoration not only of the original in its physical essence, but also by the creation of period analogues to finish the architecture in the original style. The qualified preparation of company workers also means the capability of a creative approach, the mastering of manual authorial work in a broad register of materials (wood-carving, ceramics, textiles, stucco work, plaster work, metal works, stained-glass windows, painting, different degrees of preparation of designs and drawings, etc.). The company specialises in the exterior and interior of historical and contemporary architecture, in construction and design as well as putting the finishing touches on the environment of the architecture itself.

Our company is a many times holder of a prestigious award from the institute Baumit as a Top company in the field of reconstruction of historic of buildings in Slovakia. NOVOTA ART insists on quality handling as well as on the use of quality and specialised materials. We are prepared to process not only standard requests but also atypical orders which require a special approach. A privilege of the company is to work on a high professional level while respecting the difficulty of a monument’s environment and the requirements of the investor. We give primary preference to the correlation of all the interested parties of an order and in seeking the pathway to a quality result.



Specialisations of NOVOTA- ART

Our company has a prepared team of expert professionals covering a wide scale of knowledge for carrying out work. They meet the requirements for carrying out work in the field of monument restoration, including prepared projects, i.e. specialised monument research on different levels, with knowledge in the field of art and architecture history.

For a restoration we have experts in the area of construction for preparing both interiors and exteriors (masons, stucco workers, painters, artists, designers). We employ 20 to 50 people according to the volume of the building works. We have machine equipment as well as production spaces available. We have our own workshop, studio and vehicles. In the area of building materials we cooperate in particular with the companies Baumit and Keim, and we also work with other supply firms according to specialised needs.

The professional background of the company represents not only the practical results of implemented projects, but also study requirements: a certificate in restoration studies in Florence, Italy; a leaving certificate from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, graduates from the Secondary Industrial Arts School in Bratislava, the study of art history, specialisation in the area of monument research (lectureship, PhDr. and PhD.) at the Philosophical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. We use modern and historical technologies and continual education in the whole breadth of the areas of our work (taking part at expert training courses and seminars with international participation). We cooperate with a partner company on the basis of laboratory research (plasters, building materials, paints). We also cooperate with foreign investors.

The technical and expert provision  of NOVOTA ART enables the coordination and implementation of:

Complete monument restoration of objects 

including prepared design documentation (monument architectural-historic and artistic-historical research, including a proposal for restoration of a cultural monument). Carrying out of building works, including details, exteriors and interiors. Carrying out restoration work, as well as stucco work, carpentry, tinsmith work, stone work, metal work, etc. In practice this means, for example, carrying out masonry work, facade renovation, wood-filling work and the restoration of historical windows, wooden gates with carved details, different wall claddings, historical ceramic stoves, fireplaces, forged elements, stone elements like steps, balustrades and banisters, etc.

Exterior and interior design done for monuments as well as modern contemporary architecture and environments

–          Product design, interior design, implementation:

We design, model and carry out a partial copies of historical originals of artistic sculpture works in a certain measure; we design and create variations for Renaissance, Baroque, modern and antique statues; we also create free analogies and authorial variations for a given subject. We create wooden and metal portals, handrailings and artistic fencing. Stairways, fountains, reliefs, stone elements, balustrades. Creatively resolved ceilings (even to large halls and hotels) and stained-glass windows and room dividers. Copies of ceramic historical stoves and fireplaces, stucco ornaments, mantels, decorative elements, e.g. cartouches for a coat-of-arms, light fixtures, creatively designed mirror frames, lights. We create different accessories for interiors, various creative artefacts-prototypes for manufacturers; we create items, details and works on order according to the required measure. We also devote ourselves independently do the designing of authorial originals.

–          Exterior design and implementation

In exterior design we design works intended for architecture, from beginning with creatively designed plaster structures up through details and sculpture, i.e. sculpture works intended for adding decorative accents to a facade. We carry out thorough visualization of facades; we design relief ornaments and we model and cast architectural elements into different materials. We design and carry out terrain modifications, small garden architecture as well as resolve fencing around a property.

–          New constructions, design activities and consulting

We create original and modern designs, proposals for family houses and flats, design solutions for hotels and commercial spaces. We shape designs for facades and exteriors and creatively finish architecture in its environment. We secure and coordinate the process of building from design to implementation, i.e. design documentation, 3D visualization, finishing off of historic environments and modern parts of new buildings, including carrying out building works. We develop activities to all areas which are associated with construction, i.e. reconstruction, restoration, new building, as well as creative finishing of an architectural environment both in the exterior and interior. We generate luxurious elements for interiors – furniture, lights, textiles and accessories directly from the manufacturers. We design, make and supply furniture to measure; we supply vintage furniture, lighting and accessories. We also produce our own designer products. At present, for example, we are also concerned with special design of post-modern, combinations of ancient antique mythology and ultramodern architecture.

We resolve all projects based on an individual approach. We provide expert consultation. We cooperate with an international team and we use international experience. We approach such creative work with great interest, creativity and professional responsibility. We are always prepared to seek a solution for the most complex projects and concepts in the interest of carrying out the bold visions of our customers. We use equally traditional and the most modern technologies and techniques. Our reward is also the appreciation of tens of satisfied clients, for whom we have created and carried out creative works and successfully completed the common idea of a design. Today we know that we are capable of successfully linking historical traditions and the modern in new living spaces and preserving the values of the past also for the future. The works we have done thus far document this with referential quality. 

Oľga a Dušan Novotovci

Oľga and Dušan Novota

We offer a wide spectrum of creative and manufactured elements

in a variety of materials. We produce original works, as well as entire systems of moulds which can be mounted directly in a certain place, e.g. on architectural facades, or in an interior or an exterior. We ensure complete implementation.

– We produce wooden elements. We work with wood in various approaches (woodcarving, lathe work, cutting, various approaches to joining techniques, conservation, colour tinting, [nechyba: slovo “konzervacie” zybtocne opakovalo, tak som ho vynechal druhy krat] application of other materials, etc.)

– We make cast metal elements. We cast and we further modify and ennoble different metal elements (for example, by polishing, with structures, gilding etc.)

– We produce ceramics. We work with modelling clay, in which we create prototypes of elements for casting. We shape original ceramic artefacts, as well as copies of historical stylish details and interior furnishings (e.g. stoves, tiled heating stoves).

 – We produce work from glass. We prepare various elements from glass and whole compositions (for example, stained-glass windows, lighting elements, free decorative suites from glass, etc.).

– We produce stucco elements. We shape originally stucco details for architecture. We cast exact stylish details of historical architecture as well as original elements we design ourselves for both exteriors and interiors. These elements are mountable.

–  We produce wrought-iron elements and perform detailed tin work. We work with metal using various technologies, for example, smithery, locksmith work, different approaches to surface treatment, or gilding. We also make elements as well as functional units (e.g. metal gates, fencing, dividing grates, lanterns, etc.). We handle their placement and guarantee their functionality.

– We produce designs for whole systems made up of individual elements as original projects, designs and proposals to be carried out. We cooperate with investors and with various professions.


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Professional background

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