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We are a family firm that has now been working together in the marketplace for over two decades.
We create fine-art and craft components for the interiors and exteriors of historic and modern buildings and structures. We specialize in manufacture, construction and design.

Our company is the holder of the prestigious Baumit 2015 award as a Top Firm in the restoration of historic buildings in Slovakia. We carry out specialist works in the restoration of buildings and reconstruction of historic architecture, as well as offering consultation in such areas. The comprehensive and versatile competencies of NOVOTA ART and its high-quality work in a wide range of materials using historic and modern techniques means we are well equipped to deal with all manner of exceptional and unconventional orders that demand a high level of artistic skill whatever the materials being used: wood, stone, stucco, stained glass, plaster, metal or plastic.

Comenius University in Bratislava, Vajanského nábrežie
(comprehensive renovation of the facade, entrances, renovation and manufacture of the missing Ancient Greek helmets, 2015)

Museum of Jewish Culture– Slovak National Museum, Židovská ulica, Bratislava
(comprehensive renovation of the facade in 2015)

St. Martin’s Cathedral, Bratislava
(monument renovation of the plasterwork on the facades of St. Martin’s Cathedral in 2014)

Neo-Gothic Castle in Galanta
(restoration of the mid-19thcentury neo-Gothic wrought iron doors 2014)

No. 3 and 4 Hlavné námestie, Bratislava (Comprehensive renovation of the facades in 2014)

Motešických Palace, Gorkého ulica, Bratislava
(comprehensive renovation of the street frontage in 2008)

Multifunctional building, Čadca, No. 1933 Paláriková ulica
(an architectural-artistic design was proposed for the street frontage, courtyard facade and gable wall, according to which was carried out a comprehensive realization with cornice, stucco and sgrafito ornamentation 2013)

Apartment block, No. 28 – 32 ul. 29 Augusta, Bratislava
(comprehensive renovation of the street and courtyard facades in 2011)

No. 21 Moskovská, Bratislava
(comprehensive construction of the plaster relief based on the original design and restoration of the stucco decoration, 2012)

Apartment block, Numbers. 3,5,7 Legionárska, Bratislava
(renovation of the facades and the reapplication of the original colour scheme, 2012)

Apartment block, No. 30 Dunasjká, Bratislava
(comprehensive renovation of the facade, stucco features, wooden window frames, gate and roof, 2010;overall view, before and after renovation)

Roman Catholic Church in Urmince (Topoľčany District)
(comprehensive restoration of the facade, masonry elements, 2009; overall view of the facade and details)

Mirror Lounge and Bar – Hotel Carlton, Hviezdoslavo nám., Bratislava
(comprehensive creation of the entire room in 2001; view of the ceiling vault, detail and overall view of the interior)

Jesuit Church, Bratislava
(analogous reconstruction of the oak entrance door in 1988 – 1989; view before and after reconstruction)

Residential building,Cintorínska ul., Bratislava
(comprehensive reconstruction of the street frontage in 2008; overall view and details showing newly created features)

Hotel Thermia Palace, Piešťany
(comprehensive renovation of the street and courtyard facades,
Renovation of the sculptural ornamentation, 2006)

Residential building, No. 12 Moskovská ul.- Sasinkova ul. – Strážnická ul., Bratislava
(comprehensive renovation of the facade and restoration of stucco features in 2010;view of the facade from the street views on Sasinkova ul. and Strážnická ul.)

House No. 7 Obchodná ul., Bratislava
(renovation of the street facade in 2010; overall view, detail before and after renovation)

GrassalkovichPalace – Presidential Residence, Bratislava
(reconstruction according to photographs [top right picture] of 2 pieces of Baroque gilded stoves in the audience chamber, 1995)
(restored Baroque, wooden and gilded panelling, 1994)

Hotel Arcadia, Bratislava
(comprehensive renovation of the street frontage, masonry elements, masonry corbels, stone plinths and renovation of the passageway; overall view of the facade and entrance hall, 2007)

Segnerova kúria building, No. 7 Michalská ul., Bratislava
(comprehensive renovation of the facade, masonry features, restoration,1996)

Renaissance burgher’s townhouse from the 16th century,
No. 6 Michalská ul. – Biela ul., Bratislava
(baroque reconstruction in 2nd half of 18th century, renovated in 2002 – 2003)

Grossman House–No. 4 Šafárikovo nám., Bratislava
(comprehensive renovation of street facades in 2000-2001)

Restoration of the brass entrance doors into a historic building on the site of Comenius University in Bratislava, No. 6 Šafárikovo nám. 2015

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