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Hotel Arcadia – Historic Restoration

Exclusive monument environment in the new position (Hotel ARCADIA)

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High facade of the house no.3 on Františkánska street with historic elements of classicism has been long hiding its original stylistic form, as well as with numerous reconstructions devalued interior. Finally the general monument restoration has brought under the name of Arcadia also the new feature and it means quality, professional restoration of the special values of this precious object. Research and later realization of recovery of various authentic part presents today the development of a house in the mirror of earlier centuries, from the 13th to the 20th century.


Facades and interiors of the hotel required a difficult artistic craftsmanship: the facade was restored stylistic character of the classical period. The original stone portals and also base portion were reconstructed. There was also reconstructed stylistic character of the underpass where badly damaged stone elements were recovered and stucco work performed. So-called. gypsum plaster was renewed and highly polished in accordance with the authentic appearance. Protected and glazed courtyard is now the most impressive partarcadia-exterierof the hotel where they applied renovated Renaissance arcades with Tuscan pillars. The exterior facades suggest the older building core of architecture: the primary part of the house includes the medieval stone walls and the adjacent city walls. After a thorough restoration and professional conservation they have become a part of visual presentation of history. Original stone walls, exposed and breathing by antiquity we can find in the underground, but also some exclusive suites of the hotel. Complex conservation and restoration of Arcadia was realized in cooperation with the Regional Monuments Office in Bratislava and it means an appreciation and presentation of all the most precious historical part of the house in the new position of the first five-star hotel in Bratislava.

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Hotel Arcadia – Historic Restoration

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