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We create fine-art and craft components for the interiors and exteriors of historic and modern buildings and structures. We specialize in manufacture, construction and design.

Awealth of forms, quality handling of various materials and values which endure over time are characteristic for the monuments environment in Slovakia. The protection and restoration of cultural heritage goes hand in hand with the daily battle and race with time. Our company NOVOTA ART shares significantly in the salvaging, restoration and protection of monuments. We have many years of experience in all of these activities. This family firm was founded in November 1989. It focuses on restoration, reconstruction and creation in the field of architectural monuments and shares in the renewed revival of the exteriors and interiors of cultural heritage.

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Company NOVOTA ART is in the marketplace for over two decades and nowadays is leading company in Slovakia in field of restoration and reconstruction. We successfully design and produce many newly created items in historical and modern style and realized many works for foreign and domestic investors. We cooperate on international level.
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Fields of our interest

Our works fulfil high creative claims in the sphere of proffesional elaboration of: stone, stucco, wood, vitrification, plaster and metal


Façades, exteriors, interiors, wooden gates, wooden windows, wainscoting, fireplaces, historic stoves, forged iron fittings, banisters and gates, masonry pieces, balustrades, coats of arms, indoor and outdoor stucco ornamentation, staircases


In collaboration with renowned experts we provide comprehensive research into a monument’s history from the architectural and fine-art perspective, suggesting how a cultural monument might best be restored.


From design work through to final construction, architectural drawings and documentation, visualizations, newly created historic and modern elements for the new-build, construction.


In our exterior design work we focus on the design and realization not only of the facade (in a variety of period styles, the complete visualization of sculptural ornaments and decorations, their subsequent ...


We design and subsequently remake Renaissance, antique, Baroque and modern statues, light fittings, wooden and forged iron gates, staircases, reliefs, stained glasswork, hotel ceilings, fountains, furniture, fireplaces, historic stoves (ceramic), forged iron fittings, ...

Architectural design, sculptures and replicas

Interior – exterior, the newly created sculptures, replicas, stucco decorations, accessories – 3D designs, sketches, per customer specification

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Selection of realized works

Faculty of Philosophy in Bratislava on the Gondová street is getting gradually its original face. The former military headquarters building of Imperial-Royal Austro-Hungarian army, built in 1913, now known as a building of Faculty of Philosophy at Comenius University. It was designed by the military engineer Major Joseph Rittner. Large building with several courtyards is ...

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